denturesDentures are used as a replacement for missing teeth. Partial or Full dentures are the two varieties of dentures. The type is chosen by the dentist depending how many teeth are missing and need to be replaced.


When the condition of the teeth has deteriorated so far that they can no longer be repaired, removal and replacement of the teeth is the only option.

A complete denture is removable prosthesis that has white-colored plastic teeth embedded in a gum-like material to give natural appearance, which rests on the ridge in your mouth.

Dentures aid in restoring chewing ability, give a natural looking smile, replace all the missing teeth in the same arch and is a good economic alternative compared to other procedures, such as implants.

It is important to note that life with an upper denture, a lower denture, and especially both, is a major lifestyle change when compared to natural teeth. Dentures can help restore your confidence in social situations and even your self-esteem.

There may also be limitations with the food you can eat, but dentures can also help to eat food you can’t eat without them.

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